Buying diamonds in the San Francisco Bay Area

For over 35 years, we have been an established and successful diamond dealer in downtown San Francisco with global trade connections in Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Hong Kong and other diamond trade centers. We specialize in buying and selling diamonds directly from the public and have the best connections to either direct consumer channels or international diamond markets.

We have bought and sold large quantities of high quality of precious gems over 35 years and that is why our knowledge and expertise will maximize your budget. Our vast experience as diamond and jewelry sellers can help you when it comes to buying your jewelry, buying luxury watches (buying your Rolex for instance), and buying diamonds. Our GIA graduate gemologists are here to help you determine the value of your jewelry. Contact us to buy your diamond or buy your diamond engagement ring in San Francisco.

Jahan Diamond Imports was not created just to take advantage of today’s high gold prices and close the door as soon as the rush is over. We are here to provide yet another service to our customers to satisfy their needs.

We are an established business that is well known in the Bay Area as well as in the U.S. and internationally.

Buy diamonds in the San Francisco Bay Area.